Tuesday, December 1, 2009

So What's The Bad News?

Ain't it great to start the work week with this headline? When all else failed, she just couldn't take a NO for an answer. It gets weirder and weirder by the minute and I'm pretty sure there will be more bad news to expect from her before the elections in May. I just can't imagine how she does it. How and where she finds the guts to go and face other world leaders. After all that she's said and done. I'm pretty sure you remember this one.

Video from youtube.com/JimSBand
How about this?

Video from youtube.com/Philippine Presidency
So the news that President Arroyo will be running from Congress for the 2nd District of Pampanga no longer came as a sirprise. Im pretty sure with all her power and might mananalo pa yan! Mas nakakagulat pa siguro kung the news will say that she'll be retiring after her term. One thing that I can't really imagine is how we ended up this way. Our Political System, I mean.
It's just a sad thought that many of us Filipinos no longer believe in it. Nagsipag migrate na nga yung iba eh. Sad diba? Aren't you wondering why a lot of Filipinos get featured on talk shows who've already made their mark in other countries? Well, I know it's totally different topic. The point is how and why do we tolerate this kind of things? Masyado kasi tayong malilimutin. Have you heard of the saying. Let it die a natural death? Di lang mga artista ang gumagamit nyan.
Can we afford another leader like this? Is it too much to ask for a good life in our own country ? Is the hope they always talk about during their campaigns really impossible to have in this lifetime?

With this thought, I now empathize with the people who take their fights on the streets. You know the one's who we think are very annoying, causing the traffic to jam and all. Yes you're right those people who've dutifully fought for our rights. Have we ever even stopped and think for a while that the screams, the shouts and the words are not intended for those in power but rather for us who have remained silent for a very long time. Hoping that one day we will hear the truth to their cries. We're not asked to join their campaigns out on the streets. Siguro ang gusto lang nilang mangyari is the next time you stop to read the paper or watch the news think of what the headline really say. So that the next time we're asked to write a name on the ballot we know that the one we write on top really deserves to be there.

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