Monday, December 7, 2009

Applying for a Philippine Passport II

It took the weekend for me to finally complete this blog cause of a typo in my birth certificate. During my first visit they noticed that my name was spelled with a double e instead of ae. To tell you the truth I too was surprised that all the while that was the first time that issue was raised. The first person who accommodated me said that I need to ask for a local copy of my BC from city hall plus I need to present my drivers license but just to be sure I asked for a second opinion. I fell in line again hoping that I could get away with the typo this time. *wink*

But it seems like they're properly trained and really know what they're doing. This time she now asked me to present a corrected copy of my BC coming from NSO showing that my name has been change from ee to ae. Being in the dark about what to do. I retreated home, immediately searching the net for my next course of action. I even sought the advise of family and friends.

So this morning, I went to the local civil registry to ask for a copy and at the same time to verify the typo. Good thing that even though the typo was really there you can see that there was an overlap between the two letters cause it was a larger copy compared to that coming from NSO. Still I wasn't sure if this will do it. But I took a chance.

It took a lot of convincing though but they gave it a go on one condition. That I bring a transcript ion copy of my BC upon it's release just to be sure. That takes care of my problem. Now, going to the entire process was again a breeze. It was orderly. Oh and by the way I found a very useful site that I'd like to share to you guys.

That site will pretty much answer your questions on how to apply/avail of some government services. I've gone back to and double checked on the process again and come to think of it, when they said that it was a 3 step process they weren't kidding at all. The line again was long but it actually took me less than 1 and 1/2 hours to finish the entire thing. Now all I have to do is wait for the release date and boooom baby!

Well, those of you who prefer to have their passports delivered to save on a second trip to DFA. You can do so by proceeding to the basketball court after the encoding. I saw that for as low as Php 99.00 you can have your passports delivered to your doorstep.

Hope it was all worth the wait and that helped you somehow.


  1. hello po! napadaan lang po...ano na po nangyari? nakakuha ka na po ba ng passport elle?

  2. Yes po I got my passport last dec. 16. Sorry I was unable to may a post on that but I have it already. In fact I'm using it right now. The process was short. Pila ka lang sa gate 2 and you'll be instructed to surrender your receipt sa releasing window. Wait mo lang tawagin pangalan mo. That simple. Thanks for taking time to read.