Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas on a Budget

Since Christmas is just around the corner you're probably thinkin' of the best gift that you can give yourself for all the hard work this 2009. If you plan to go on shopping but you're on a limited budget you can do so in front of your computer, I could recommend some sites to you but mind you, this is not a risk free way to go compared to getting a brand new one on the nearest mall though. However, you'll be amazed on how low the prices could go. You can land some pretty good deals for 2nd hand and slightly used goodies on the net.

First there's Ebay. Items here are most of the time if not all are in auction. With this you need a lot of patience.

Then there's Sulit. In this site you can find almost everything from services, business opportunities to real estate. The good thing is that you're not just limited to 2nd hand products.

Now if you're searching for 2nd hand phones there's Tipidcp and for gadgets there's Tipidpc.

Of course comfort comes with all the risk but each of these site has its own way to protect its members. All you have to do is read. The forum board is there for a reason cause no matter how the Admins of a certain site rubs their disclaimers on your face it's worthless if you don't go through them. One thing that you might wanna do is check the feedback of the person who you plan to transact with. This way you'll have an idea whether that person is credible or not. But again that's just me.

One more tip is that if you do have the time, do your business in person on a familiar place. It's never too late to change your mind and not push through if you feel uncertain about the product. Yes, you can use several payment options like Bank Deposits, Credit Card and even Paypal but through these methods the buyer shoulders all the risk. And believe me no matter what the rating of a certain seller tells you it just takes one tempting transaction to change it all.

Hope you'll have a great time shopping.

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