Sunday, December 13, 2009

Movie Marathon Sunday

Watched a couple of films over the week end and there's this two films that really got to me. Easily associated it with my life (I don't know if it's a good thing or not).

The First one is 100. I was kinda hesitant at first cause of the reviews but surprisingly, it wasn't at all that depressing. For a movie about death, I find it rather inspiring. I came to admire Joyces (Mylene Dizon) boldness to face her Illness head on after being diagnosed with an incurable disease. Though not many of us is given this privilege. You know, of knowing, cause more often than not death always come like a thief in the night and we could only hope that it come by swiftly. However, she prepared for it to the last detail. She kept a to do list on post its on her wall and did everything. I mean everything, no exemptions. Moving from one post it activity to the next. Did the simplest things like shower in the rain, even the most peculiar like kiss a total stranger, ate and drunk what ever she desired, traveled to places both foreign and familiar.

It was also good how Tessie Tomas, who played Mylenes mother added a few new things to her daughters to do list. Things that showed how she intends to keep fighting even if her daughter has already throwed in the towel. And not to forget Eugene Domigo as Mylenes friend who was there for her till the end.

The other one is Ded na si Lolo. This one depicted how we Filipinos deal with death in the family. Especially the superstitions revolving around it. In general, a second persons point of view of death. It was funny as expected but there's more to it than just being funny. You know how we are right? We laugh because it's either stupid or true and sometimes both. In short the humor of this movie was like that of a stand up comedy bar. No, Seriously. After watching the movie I got that feeling.


Death has always been a very elusive topic for us Filipinos and we tend to go around it as much as we can just to avoid talking and thinking about it. Even if it's already knocking at the door.

How I wish I could do what the character of Mylene did and do what I really want before I die. Have the strength like the the family of Gina Alajar if ever death comes to me through my family. These two movies made it clear that death is not the end of everything. Life goes on for those that are left behind and through it we are given a whole new perspective on how we should live ours.

Cause in the end, it's not what we have and what we've acquired that matters and it all boils down to how peacefully we can accept the fact that we're just merely passing by this earth and in reality the most important thing that we can leave behind are our footprints not in the sand but in the hearts of the people who we treasured and loved the most.

Photos taken from Google Image Bank