Friday, December 4, 2009

We Don't Need Fixers Anymore

I am suppose to be sharing the second part of how to get a Philippine Passport today but due to some unexpected circumstances and a huge clerical error I would need to postpone it for now. Instead I would like to share to you what happened to me today. I was early at the Department of Foreign Affairs for my appointment and I noticed that there are a lot of Fixers in the area. (I have been warned about them) It's just too disappointing to know how much further a man will go for a buck.

As I was walking towards the alley to the gate. I can already see the entrance when a guy approached me and said. "Sir may number ka na ba? Kuha ka muna doon sa may lamesa." I have no idea of the what the procedure is so I went. I noticed that they were entertaining people who seem to be missing some requirements like photos. So I withdrew. The man then followed me and again said. "Kuha ka muna ng number sir. Walang bayad yan." This time he himself assisted me. Asked for my forms and photos. He was really accomodating and all. He attached the photos to my form and asked my to affix both my thumb marks on it. Then he said. " Sir hindi tatanggapin tong passport photo mo. Iba yung pagka blue nung background." He then showed me a sample photo which has a slightly diffrerent shade of blue from mine. Then he muttered. "Pasok ka muna sa loob sir." I declined and said. "Di bale na." I was about to turn away then a woman sitting behind the desk followed up and said. "Ok na yan sir baka hindi na mapansin yan sa loob." She stapled all my documents together and asked for Php 5.00. Since the service was already done I felt obliged to pay. As I was walking away. I felt this feeling of being duped.

I'm pretty sure that those inside know about these people and yet they do nothing. If you're a first timer it's more likely that you'll fall victim to these men. It's not about the money. It never is. But come to think of it. Php 5.00 from an applicant for the entire 8 hours of office is a lot. Are they even paying taxes?

So let me remind you again guys that there is no need for a number. Be sure to complete all your requirements before your appointment. Attach one passport photo to the box on the upper right hand side of the application form and place the remaining two on a plastic sleeve and staple it on the other photo box, this time on the lower left hand corner of the form. Lastly, your thumb marks. Doesn't matter what color of ink you use. Oh and It's really a big help if you can set an appointment online.

Government services are really improving and I no longer see the need for Fixers.

"Shoo Fixers Don't Bother Me!"


  1. hahaha!! dapat sinapak mu kuya ung nagpapakuha ulet ng pics sau..

  2. hahaha! Madami sila dun eh. Baka makuyog ako. Keri lang yun. Lesson learned.