Friday, December 18, 2009

The Sly Fox

They say that it doesn't matter what you read to children just as long as you keep your tone pleasant, you smile and that's it. That'll do it.

I went home the other day and saw a childrens book that I once read to my daughter(5years old) and my nephew(8 months old). The book was entitled the "The Sly fox". It was a hand me down book from my aunt who has a 10 year old kid, my cousin Rance. It was a fairly thin book with a couple of illustrated pages. It even has those layman term translation kinda thing.

I remember the story so well that it made me do this piece just by thinkin about it. I haven't read the story myself so I said what the heck. As I was uttering the words out loud I got stomped by what I just read. "Fox quickly shut the door and closed all the windows of the house. Then he ate up all the ducklings one by one, until he was full." I was like, what?!!! I had to cut the bedtime story real short and I finished reading it myself.

Well, the plot is really simple. It's all about a fox and a wolf who conspired to get their hands on some little ducklings and during the course of the story, both of them died. Gruesome right? I know! I was wondering how in the world this story ever got published in the first place. Well I can tell that the author is either Chinese or Korean cause it's right there on the cover. And the best part about it all this is that if you look into the back cover you'll see some more titles available like, The Lazy Pig, Tooty the Tortoise, Mischievous Monkey, The Greedy Rat and more.

Lesson learned! Screen books before reading them out loud.

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