Tuesday, December 8, 2009

6 Good Reasons

So you'd like to show off your newly pimped car to impress the girls at the office or you just want to see how some neighbors heads will turn the moment your boom boom car passes by. I can't blame you but I can give you several reasons why commuting will be more beneficial to you than showing off your wheels.
6. It's a lot cheaper in many ways! Let's do the math shall we? Cost of fuel which is almost at the Php 50.00 mark the last time I checked, plus toll fee plus parking fee. equals a lot right? Now, compare it with how much you'll spend on a two way fare daily. And mind you that amount is still exclusive of the cost of carwash, and car maintenance. Now if at the end of the day you still think that you're still at a win if you drive I still have more reasons for you to change your mind.
5. You're a lot less prone to accident if you commute. I know, I know that you're a defensive driver. But whether we like it or not Accidents do happen and when it does you'll not be carrying the burden of responsibility and liability. Plus the injury will be a lot less if you're inside a public utility vehicle than when you're in a car.

4. Every one is thinking green and wouldn't it be great if you'll be a part of something big like this? We all know that we can't stop them buses from runnin daily cause there are a lot of mouths who'll go hungry. If you can't plant a tree or help clean a river, let this be your contribution to save the planet.

3. A little walk from here to there won't hurt you either. In fact, this will definitely add to the work out you get everyday. By work out I mean, that is aside from your usual walk to the bathroom during pee breaks.

2. Stress is definitely a lot lesser when you're not behind the wheel. On the first place , you can nap on your way to work. And not to mention the traffic, cause sometimes taking an alternate route is not the best solution anymore. If you're to ask me, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line still which is why mass transits are there on the first place. You can stop worrying about the what to do if you get a flat or if the engine stalls.

1. And my top reason, you can drink your heart out this coming holiday season. Nothing beats time spent with family and friends with a little alcohol.

That's about it. 6 good reasons why you should reconsider some alternate ways to go places. You can also try carpooling with friends. It's a win-win situation for everybody I guess. More food on the table for the city drivers, You get to exercise a little and mother nature gets to see another day. So the next moves on you. What's it gonna be?

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