Monday, December 21, 2009

Modess Angels

I like this new Commercial from Modess cause it showcases the strength and
heart of Filipino women from a little boy's point of view. Never actually
expected a feminine pad product to come up with such a thing but just the same I
love it.


  1. Nung first time kong napanood ang ad na ito nalungkot ako kasi alam ko pangit ang magiging image ng mga mommy like me sa mga kids.after 1 month n lagi nilang nakikita at naririning ang ad na ito khit grocery ang punta mo o market shopping daw ng shopping like mommy.kasi sa mga words nagaya mga kids,sa mga naririnig nila from television.sana mas mapalitan nyo ng mas magandang commercial,parang nada down ang image ng mga mommy.thank you.

  2. I understand where you're coming from Mommy anonymous however I do believe that the beauty of this commercial isn't made for children to appreciate without parental supervision. It's actually up to us parents to explain it to our kids why the ad ran that way. Thanks for your comment and time though. Appreciate it.

  3. For me, the ad shows that kahit “shopping ng shopping mga girls”, basta pag may nangangailangan ng tulong they are always there naman to give help. Nasa nature na ng mga girls (like me :) na tumulong at magbigay. I’m proud to be a girl. :)

  4. Well said miss anonymous. The ad was great right?

  5. some of the boys are not appreciate the worth of girls in our society