Friday, December 18, 2009

Tagged You're It!

Have you been tagged in a photo in facebook that you we're never really in? Photos that may have looked like these:
Well, it's actually a little flattering at first cause of the thought that a friend actually took the time to tag you right? That he/she may have noticed your unbelievable blue eyes even if they're actually brown or your crooked little smile or even your weird characteristics like being addicted to computer games, to Facebook or even to gambling. These compliments/observations become all the more important coming from a person who we never really thought would tag us right?

Sometimes it's a little funny when you're tagged to a picture like these:
Sometimes naughty and a little malicious judging from these photos:
Tagging is also being used now as a classified ads tool. Brilliant isn't it? One of the many features that Facebook has unlike its predecessors. By this, I mean tagging.

But do you know the irritating part of being tagged is? It's when you're the odd one out ( you have no common friend )on the bunch and those other people starts using it as a chat window. Grrrr. To think that the topic isn't even about the photo itself. You now have to view every notification and even erase them in your email. You do have the option of opting out but provided that you're not online all the time, it may not be enough. I mean by the time you notice it you'd probably already have to delete a dozen of email notifications.

I'm just sharing my two cents here. No offense to you good people of Facebook. Just be a little sensitive and considerate when using it. Like I said it's a very powerful and useful tool.

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