Monday, November 30, 2009

Election 2010: Isang Tanong Part Two

Sad thing that Sen. Noynoy Aquino III was no longer there. I was really hoping to hear more from him since his friend Sen. Chiz Escudero already backed out from the presidential race. Filed his COC a little too early when all his opponents seemed to be taking their time. The Second part was not really as useful for me as I hoped it would be. Anyhow, just to share some insights.

I was impressed by the way Former President Estrada redeemed himself this time. He supported his answers with figures. Pretty impressive, I would say. I got his point when he said that the Philippines was really down when he assumed office due to the Asian financial crisis that time plus, thanks to the info shared by a good friend who enlightened me of what happened back then.
When Councilor JC De Los Reyes was asked why he's in such a hurry to be president jumping from councilor to president. I have to admit that it was a bold move and little too ambitious as well. I just found it a little funny for the good councilor to quote BATMAN and his being a hero and all for his answer.
Senator Manny Villar was straight forward with his answers. His money being the issue at hand. I beg to differ though when he said that he was not popular. A Senator, and once a Senate President?
And Lastly for Former National Defense Secretary, Gibo Teodoro. Well ,what do we expect? He's a gang dang lawyer. Honestly, if he was not running on the administration side I bet he'll be even more eligible for the presidency.
All the others? Yeah, I heard the words but none of them really registered. I don't know if it was the questions asked or if it's their answers that didn't made sense. For those of you who were not able to watch the second part. You can do so in Just follow the link below.

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  1. I only got to watch this now. Thanks! I agree with your points too.

  2. Thanks for the Comment Carlo... Let's just hope for more of these Forums before the elections. :)