Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Applying for A Philippine Passport III

I was compelled to make a part three of this article since Anonymous was curious whether or not I was able to get my Passport. Anyhow, The answer is yes. It said on my claim stub that my passport will be ready for release and pick-up on the PM of the 16th, so I did. Went out around 12:30 PM. I immediately asked the guard to which gate I should fall in. It was in gate two. The line was already long when I got there but nevertheless it was all good. Lucky that the lady in front has a big umbrella that served as my cover without her noticing. Thank you Ma'am, who ever you are.
After a few minutes the line started moving. We were already allowed to go inside but not yet in the releasing area. So we were there for only about 5 minutes then the line started moving again. We were let to enter the room where you can see several windows with designated labels on them. Alphabetically. Fore example on the first window, ABC and the second , DEF and so on. We were asked to drop our receipt face down on a basket on the window with the corresponding first letter of our last names. So, I dropped mine on the first window. I waited seating on the benches provided for about another 5 and there it was. Fresh hot off the grill. My Philippine passport. I immediately checked if they got my first name correctly and fortunately they did.
I also have a confession to make, On my 2nd visit I was asked to bring an authenticated transcription copy of my BC on the release date but since I have a big hunch that that won't be necessary. As stubborn as I am I didn't. I just thought that why else would I need one. I don't know if I was right or it's just luck that I got away with it.
So there you go Mr./Ms. Anonymous. Thanks so much for curiousity.

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