Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holiday Greetings

Christmas in the Philippines won't be complete without a lot of things. Things like our favorite puto bumbong and castanas, our very much awaited dawn masses, let's not forget noche buena and of course the parties that we can't get enough of, and many more.

Part of this Christmas tradition is how our respected local and national officials greet us through different means like give away materials, streamers and as expected since this Christmas is the eve of the 2010 national elections several Politicians are very much willing to go all out with their Christmas greetings and messages. You've probably already seen them on TV. Here are just some of them.

Some you might notice while walking or driving along the neighborhood a life size family portrait complete with a Christmas tree. Saying "Maraming Salamat po and Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays from the Butete Family". Mind you all these don't come cheap. Sometimes I just can't help but think how lucky their kids are. Imagine, Exclusive schools, Body Guards, Fancy Cars, Credit Cards and more. Well I'm not referring to those Politicians who I showed from the videos above. Obviously they can really afford it. But how about the rest? Some even has the guts to deal drugs and stuff.

Anyways, this also questions the motive behind these holiday greetings. Is it their way of showing appreciation or its just another means to get a head start campaigning? I guess we'll never really know but what ever it may be it'll always be a cause for concern of people like me since this is the way we do it year by year and Christmas after Christmas. Traditional Politics blending in the shade of our Christmas Tradition.

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