Sunday, June 28, 2009

1st EdgeCom @ SM Southmall

If you can afford to buy a brand new Unit why not! It's not everyday you get to indulge on things that your hard earned money can buy. On the second Level of SM Southmall you can find 1st EdgeCom, Along with almost a dozen Cellphone and gadget shops. Where they sell brand new handsets and accessories. The Difference here is that you'll be surprised that their merchandise are somewhat cheaper than those sold on other stalls. If I remember correctly, Back in college 1st Edgecom opened at SM Manila. I noticed that a P1i only costs around 13,400 when the price range of that unit is still at 15,+++. Their Units are always at least a thousand peso less than the competition. Pretty cool right? It's just recently that I found out why.

My girlfriend bought a handset from this store last June 9th. A Sony Ericsson Handset. We took advantage of the price off course. Since they have all the assurance that their handsets all have NTC stickers and have one year warranty and all. At least it's what it says on the sign on their cashier.
This is B*ll Sh*t!
When we were asking about the unit, testing it and all the clerk gave us the heads up that they only carry a one year service warranty and that's all. For parts they'll be charging extra and there's no warranty card from Sony Ericsson as well. In short if anything happens with the unit from day one, they will not be liable for it anymore. A Disclaimer, Hmmm that's good. We also tried to ask for a new unit but they don't have any. According to the clerk, they only have one unit available. (the ones on display). Since we were already there and our budget is only limited to that particular unit price. We gave it a go. Before heading towards the cashier she was asked to sign a waiver that she understood about the service warranty and all.
It was only 2 days ago that we discovered that the Unit they sold us has no NTC Sticker. We felt like we were scammed. So we tried to reason with them and we only got a shrug. The day we returned everybody was busy or has something to do and the rest who don't ,doesn't have a clue to what our complaint was. It's like they were asked to memorize a line. We were not after the warranty anymore. We're asking about the NTC sticker. It was a total waste of time. If they don't have the NTC stickers on their phones, How are they different from those vendors who's all over the news?

Though we'll still take this issue one step higher. It's just sad that We have to learn it the hard way.So for those of you who're scouting for a brand new gadget or Cellphone. Please be mindful as to where you're going to get your stuff. Cheaper is not always better people!


  1. Don't buy phones from EDGECOM!!! I should've read this post before.. I was also scammed! I recently bought a phone unit from them that they were selling for P800 cheaper that the usual selling price. I bought it because I thought its cheaper because it doesn't have a memory card on the package (other stores are selling the unit with 2GB memory card included). As this was my 1st time to buy a phone (my previous phone is a gift), I had no idea that I should check for an NTC sticker. After a week of use, my phone keeps hanging ang shuts off by itself. When I brought the unit at a licensed service center, they told me that the unit were bought from another country and was not NTC registered. It is not under warranty so I will have to pay around P1000+ to have it repaired. I went back to EDGECOM and all they did was refer me from one person to another until the repair man who claims he was not in anyway related with sales (he's just paid for repairs), told me that he can repair the unit if I paid P500+ as the problem with my phone is not under their warranty. At the end, I just left the store, furious, and telling them I will never buy anything from their store ever again! Learn from my experience.. cheaper is not really better!!!

  2. Well, here's my story. I brought my sons Nokia N5530 to Cellway about two days ago in South Mall Las Pinas because it's LCD is broken. When I came back I noticed that its casing too is already worn out. So I asked the technician if they can change its casing. They said they don't have any available at the moment so they said I should go to EDGECOM they think it is available int their store.

    So I went there, I talked to this pretty sales lady. She smiles a lot and is very friendly. She's tall, slim and looks smart, so I trusted her. She showed me three different shades of casing, and told me that it's P750. She even showed me her personal cellphone that is just like my son's, though hers is colored pink. and suggested that I buy that plastic cover thing so that the LCD will not get scratches easily; and said it's P300.

    Then I chose the black Nokia N5530 casing, and handed her my P1,000. She said that since it is almost 8PM their technician already left that I can go back to Cellway for their technician to fix my cellphone with their casing. She was so sweet and all smiling saying, "Sige na ma'am, papayag po yung mga technician dun. Then come back here in case hindi kasya, I will give you another. And then we will attach the scratch proof plastic. sige na ma'am you can go now. But come back." There I left.

    Yup it's a good thing the technician in Cellway agreed to fix the casing and use the Nokia casing from EDGECOM. It took about 30 mins or more, I paid P200 for their service. Then I went back to EDGECOM, I told the pretty saleslady that the casing fits and I'd rather not buy that plastic thingy anymore since I have spent too much already. Cellway charged me P1,8k for the LCD.

    She was attending to other customers, and I was still waiting for her to hand me my P250 change and the receipt. Then she looked at me smiling, and I said "where is my change?" and she simply said, "Ma'am, I already gave you your change kanina." "I said no you haven't." And she insisted "No ma,am,we went to the cashier and I handed you over the P250 change right?" At that moment I felt my face turned white, I was getting angry. We didn't even went to the cashier, we went straight to the casing stall.

    I couldn't believe it really, such a pretty sales lady, will sell her soul for P250! Then she walked away, I could see in her eyes that she's trying to keep her composure because she can see that I was already angry.

    If only no one was waiting for me in the supermarket, I would've stayed and argue with her. But my 82years old father and my 75yrs old mom with my son, nephew and nieces were already there. Probably waiting for me for an hour. I had to leave.

    I left furious, it's just that I couldn't believe such thing will happen to me in South Mall! Things like this happens in Tutuban, Divisoria or the least in Uniwide, maybe in StarMall. But SM where people are more decent and professionals. I trusted and I felt so betrayed. I tried looking for the proprietor in Facebook. But she wasn't responding. Now that I found this ad, it's only now I realized how notorious this EDGECOM really is. So wicked!

    You know it's not the money. I can go back and give that pretty sales girl another P250 anytime. It's the breach of trust that supposedly DOESN'T HAPPEN in South Mall Las Pinas.

  3. So true ma'am. My Point exactly. It's not the money... Tsk.

  4. i file a complain at sm bicutan against are the details: This is to formally file a complaint against the technicians of EdgecomCelfon store located at the ground floor of SM Mall, Annex A, Bicutan, ParaƱaque. Details are enumerated below.
    Unit: Nokia (5800 xpressmusic)
    Problem: short life span of battery
    1. April 14- sought the assistance of the Edgecom technician (Named: Red or Red Gomez), his initials findings was – shorted. He said to be back on april 18, for the release.
    2. April 18- the unit was release, and advises us that the screen was replaced because he said he accidentally burned the original screen with a soldering gun.
    3. April 19- the problem still persist and even worst the said newly replaced touch screen is not working properly. So I demanded for an answer, but the technician insisted that it is working properly and commented “di ko naman pwedeng ayusin ang ayos na”. Bong offer an extra battery free of charge.
    4. For the period up to April 28, we visited the store, they advises us to just wait for a text from them because the unit was under observation.After a thoroughcheck on damage screen, we found out that it is not mine. Because I am 100% sure that my original screen has no scratches and it is also have protective covering.
    5. April 28- we received a text that the unit was ready for pick up, but on April 30 upon visiting the store the technician apologizes (again), “there were still no available touchscreen”
    6. May 1- we decided to confront the technician about the damage screen, and demanded the truth. He insisted that it was an accident and he had to replace the screen. We ask for his full name because he have decided to file a complaint to SM management.
    7. May 2 and 3- His supervisor (Bryan aka Bong Cena) took over and talked to us to not file a complaint and promises to fix the problem.
    8. May 20- weeks after waiting, Bong texted us that it was ready for pick up. But when I arrived at the store around 7:30 he was not there anymore. I texted him where he was, replied he have to run some errand. He suggested to meet near our place. I said ok. We have waited at the meeting place but he did not showed up. I tried calling him several times but he has turn off his phone.
    I think there is something wrong or these guys are doing some wrong deeds and I have also heard that I am not the first of this kind.
    I am hoping for your immediate action on this matter.

    1. sir same issue din nangyayari saken now, hayst ang tagal na ng tablet ko dun until now di pa rin tapos.... one month na tablet ko dun!!! ka badtrp! paano ba mgfile ng complaint sa sm management!!!

    2. Hello po sa inyo Anonymous ... I though I'm the only one suffering the same problem about their Technician named Bong or Brayan Cena( Brayan kc pangalan na binigay nila sa akin). ng pa repair kc ako ng laptop sa knila last Oct. 2012. same problem pinabalik balik kmi. After a long wyting binalik nga pero ibang ynit na and sira pa kaya ibinalik ko ulit sa knila and up to now d pa nila maipaliwanag kung kelan at bakit d maibalik ang unit. napakaraming dahilan ng OIC sa store nila and cla pa matapang sumagot sagot sa text pg nangu2lit ako pg follow up. naka save lahat ng 'TEXTS" ng sales clerk nila para maipabasa ko sa owner ng Edgecom if mag direct na ko sa kompanya ng me ari. sana magkita kita tyo para magtulungan tyo na ilabas nila ang Technician nila na C BRAYAN / BONG CENA ... let us call the attention of Edgecom owner to locate the said Technician.

  5. who is/are the owner/s of 1st edgecom? do they have a website? what about fb account? we advise disgruntled buyers to contact them directly or lodge their complaints to them also.

    netizens may also write their reviews about 1st edgecom.

    it will help other potential buyers be aware before they buy...

  6. setember 21, 2012...... guys ganyan din ginawa sa sa amin and iba pang customer. ang dami naming nag rereklamo kanina , sabi nung bong cena/ bryan cena nasa carriedodaw sya to pik up items , so nag antay kami sa branch nila sa SM BICUTAN pero walang bong cena/ bryan cena na dumating , 3 weeks straigh nakong pa balik balik dun , KUNG GUSTO NYO SAMAHAN NYO KO SA TULFO PARA MAIREKLAMO AND MAHINTO NA MGA KALOKOHAN NILA . KC WALA NAMANG NAKIKIPA USAP SAMIN SA SHOP NILA EH , NAG TUTURUAN LANG CLA. JUST EMAIL ME @( ) email nyo lang ako planuhin natin kung anong gagawin . kelangan na ntin to aksyonan grabeng perwisyo nato ........ 1st Edgecom SM Bicutan Branch

    1. kelan mo balak pumunta ke Tulfo kc ako laptop na pinagawa ko ke Brayan o Bong Cena up to now wala pa. ng file na ko complain sa SM Management pero up to know d pa din naiba2lik laptop nmin. )ct. 2012 pa nmin pnagawa pero up to now wala ako makuha maayos na paliwanag sa Staff ng Edgecom Bicutan. cla pa prang galit pg ng pa follow up ka sa knila. Ano kaya maganda gawin para maibalik ang mga Units ntin. kelangan ba magkita kita tyo sa Store nila pra mabulabog mga buyers nila at matakot na cla bumili or mg parepair ng mga units. Lets have contact each other para ilabas nila ang Technician nila na Bong o Brayan Cena.

    2. kelan mo balak pumunta ke Tulfo kc ako laptop na pinagawa ko ke Brayan o Bong Cena up to now wala pa. ng file na ko complain sa SM Management pero up to know d pa din naiba2lik laptop nmin. )ct. 2012 pa nmin pnagawa pero up to now wala ako makuha maayos na paliwanag sa Staff ng Edgecom Bicutan. cla pa prang galit pg ng pa follow up ka sa knila. Ano kaya maganda gawin para maibalik ang mga Units ntin. kelangan ba magkita kita tyo sa Store nila pra mabulabog mga buyers nila at matakot na cla bumili or mg parepair ng mga units. Lets have contact each other para ilabas nila ang Technician nila na Bong o Brayan Cena.

  7. guys, make sure to email your findings on edgecom to the ff ntc commisioners:

    Deputy Commissioner


    Deputy Commissioner

  9. sobrang manloloko yang 1st edgecom SM LASPINAS na yan... based on the previous comments here are all true! we just bought a gadget two weeks ago. we're lookin for a tablet on that day. we asked the sales clerk if can we test the unit first before we buy the pctablet. unfortunately the clerk refused that they doesnt have a demo unit to test.instead he showed the the box that has a sealed that haven't open yet. so we asked him if it is a brand new and working properly and he ans "YES! maam bago pa po yan tska last unit napo yan" i asked him again if we cud open the box to test?" then he gave me a stupid answer "yes maam kung bibilin nyo na pwede natin buksan"(WTF?)because of his word's im afraid i cudnt have that pctablet,we really want to buy it on that day and also reason of they have a cheaper price than the other store. so then after all the question and answer portion we end up it to sold the unit without testing it at all! they gave us receipt with the hand written agreement just like what you hav seen above all the comments here. then after we came home we were so happy and excited to use the tablet... the first 2hours it runs smoothly then on the next hours the disaster all the madness has begun it started to booting up (restarting)not once not twice but ALL THE TIME not one day you will not experience that piece of sh*t and theirs a static on the screen, just imagine all the icons getting fade away though even youre just simply do browsing like facebook, youtube even google and checking emails. we try to ignore that trying to convince our selves it normal, bcz yes it do happens also to a usual android phone thats why we assumed.but still we were using it and continuing pissing me off. after a week the tablet suddenly boot again and stuck to "android" welcome screen. so then immediately we went back to 1st edgecom sm laspinas. we complaint all the booting disorder of the pctable tablet that we bought from them then after they checked the unit they tried to troubleshoot do there blah blah thing. we asked the clerk if they can replace or we can refund? we try to call the owner via phone and SHE said "its not possible" (WTF?) after all the convo it ends to nothing. the only thing that they can do is if we cud leave the unit to them then and they will deliver it to service center and fix the problem and promised returned it within a week but up until now its been almost 2weeks we havnt hear or feedback anything from them it feels like we spent the money for nothing yes its not about the money but how the way they do to their customer its so inconsiderate and very inhumane.

  10. I am calling the attention of the owner of this company:1st EDGECOM CELLULAR PHONES/ACCESSORIES Ms. Evelyn D. Truong regarding my problem in your store SM Bicutan to locate the whereabouts of your Technician name Brayan Cena or Bong Cena because until now since Oct. 2012 he still did not returned my unit Accer Laptop which I trusted him to repair but unfortunately he still not showing my unit. the store clerk in your store can not give me a good explanation regrding my problem yet they have communication with your technician and according to them the wife of the said technician BRAYAN CENA or BONG CENA is also an employee of your store at SM Sucat.
    I am begging for HELP to locate your Technician and return back my unit ACER Laptop. I have already filed a complain regarding this problem at the management of SM Bicutan and yet even them still waiting for feedback from your store OIC at SMB. begging to help me regarding my problem that up to now is not yet solve. I save all the text of your store clerk and Brayan's text as their reply everytime I follow up the problem and I want you to read all this as my only evidence the way they reply is not good.

  11. Thank you guys for sharing your experiences on this store. Muntik nko mabiktima. Buti nlng nakita ko post na to.