Thursday, June 25, 2009

LG Kp500 aka Cookie

Photo from Google Image Bank

Just this month I joined the touch generation. Got myself an LG Cookie. I had to know what the fuzz is all about. I know, I know, there are a lot of other touch screen phones out there but I had to see for myself. This was not my first touch screen phone though. I usually prefer the P series of the competitive brand. And I really enjoyed using them. But because the cookie was well advertised and pretty much talked about, I decided to give it a chance.

Lets talk about its beauty first. To start off, it's slim , light weight and with it's full touch screen functionality it can give you the illusion of an iphone with the fraction of it's cost. Which by the way is totally over rated. It even comes with it's own screen guard. That saves you at least 150 bucks.

The cookie also has its document browser which is handy and useful for viewing .pdf, .ppt, .doc and .xls files. You can also play around with your pics cause of its great editing software. You can easily manage, edit and delete, as well as inserting an image to your contacts. One thing though, images will only show on a call and not with an incoming SMS. Sad. I kinda liked that feature. Additional applications/games are readily available on the web you just have to know where to look. According to some its memory is expandable upto 16Gig but according to its manual it can only support upto 8Gig.

Here comes the ugly part. If you're a heavy texter, you might wanna reconsider your other options cause this gadget will affect your texting experience for sure. The same is true for those of you who're camera savvy. It has a 3.0 megapixel on the label which is great outdoors but as soon as you take the light out, the camera will disappoint you. I swear. Movie quality and playback also sucks but surprisingly the music player is great. Security is also slacker. The phone auto locks but that's it. You will only be asked to enter a security code if you change the SIM card, if you turn the phone off and if you manually lock it. Not that good for people who value their privacy. Hehehe. The phone is not 3G and wifi capable. Sucks a little but good thing. I got OM installed. It's all I need baby...

Oh and one more thing, Updated firmware is not yet available online but if you got the time to spare. You can go to LG Service Center in pasig. According to some forums you can get an update for free. Just bring your receipt.

Here are some sample pics taken from my cookie. Notice the difference. The first one's taken outdoor while the other indoor.

All in all, it's Not an Iphone nor a 5800 but I could live with it until another one comes along. It's like the 5110 of it's kind. I'm still enjoying it after having it for less than a month. Good for me.

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