Monday, June 15, 2009

Pizza + Movie marathon = ONE GREAT WEEK END

My formula of a great week end. After all the worries and stress the past week has caused me and before it starts over again. Spent the entire night watching old zombie movies with an 18 inch Manhattan meat lover pizza. Two of my favorite, the 2004 remake of the "Dawn of the Dead and 28 days later". I could go on all night watching these two. I've already seen sequel to 28 days later which is 28 weeks later but I found the former much appealing!

Not that I'm fascinated by them As a matter of fact, they really scare me. Since I was little , I keep having bad dreams about zombies. I even dreamt of the it being caused by the Influenza A(N1H1) virus. Scary mann! Hey, don't laugh at me. Some people are afraid of the dark, some by closed spaces and others afraid of dogs. It just so happened that mine are Zombies.

You might be asking why I find them so terrifying as compared to vampires, werewolves and other mystical beings who might not really exist. Well for one they're in my dreams at night. Second, they live by their instincts and is attracted to warm flesh and they don't live by any code like vampires do. They're just dead walking. And the only effective way to kill it is to shoot them in the head. In the early movies, zombies are depicted to drag themselves to you. Slow and sometimes unresponsive. you can even outrun them if you have the guts. But in these movies they run, and in more ways than one you can even assume that they're thinking. that means locking yourself inside the house is probably not the best thing to do. And lastly, The problem with zombies is that they used to be people you know or you used to know. They could be your ex, neighbor, your old high school teacher or worse, your family. Though you know deep inside that as zombies they're already dead. But having to watch someone kill them again doesn't really make it any easier and you can never really kill them all because the virus travels so fast.

Hey, not because I'm afraid of them doesn't mean I can't enjoy them right? Just as long as I'm not the one being chased it's fine by me. hehehe

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