Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Just another Philippine Holiday?

1898, the year when all the fuzz began. Freedom for the Filipinos. Pardon me but history isn't my forte but I'm pretty sure of the year though. Our heroes valiantly fought for freedom. For Independence. For the Filipinos.

After more than a hundred years of celebrating our indepence, two official people power and after all has been said and done. Where does our Independence really stand? I'm sure that to many, June 12 is merely an official non working holiday and means a whopping double pay for others. Nothing more, nothing less.

No one can ever doubt the Filipino's sense of Nationalism and Patriotism. We've already proven that to the world on more than one occasion and we even see the proof everyday printed on shirts. But is that really enough? Or should I ask. Is that all that we can do? Does covering our body with these symbolism's enough? Does that make us more of a Filipino? I know, I know, it doesn't make us less of a Filipino either. Don't tell me that you buy those heftily priced shirts for fashion. I've seen better designs for less. For status maybe? Since not all could buy a 500 peso shirt. I do believe that we do, because we believe in the ideology it represent. Like the "Ninoy" shirt or Francis M's "Three Stars and a Sun" shirt. But believing is one thing and doing what you think is right for that idea is another.

I heard in the news today that the opposition could no longer convince people from Baseco and Parola, in Tondo to join this coming Wednesdays protest ( Anti- ConAss Rally) because they were already awarded land titles by the present administration. And they're tired of promises. Some also stated that they only get snacks and sometimes take homes for the previous rallies they attended. Ahhh! Agendas, agendas, agendas. Why am I not surprised.

I remember the very first rally I attended, It was done prior Edsa II. Its a collective effort between universities. We were walking along Roxas Blvd. passing the supporters of the current administration. Back then it was Erap seated at MalacaƱang. They were mocking us at the sidelines asking us how much they(organizers) paid us to be there that day. The funny thing is... We were asking the same question ourselves. That day it dawned me that both sides are being manipulated. No one really knows who's pulling the strings. From that day forward it's choosing the lesser evil for me. Up until today that's how I see Philippine Politics.

It's kinda sad how time, ambition and greed degraded what was once a great republic.

Now that the threat to our country's constitution is eminent. This coming Wednesday people will again walk the streets of Makati to protest on how the congress railroad ConAss, resolution 1109. I just hope that this time it'll be more for the Country, more for the constitution and hopefully a little less for personal ambition.

Photo obtained from google image bank.


Again, thousands gathered yesterday at the heart of Makati. Officials estimated the crowd at 15,000. And as expected many familiar faces were present. Faces we'll probably see more on Walls, Streamers and Newspapers this coming 2010 elections.

It's just sad that some who are present yesterday haven't got the slightest idea what the Con-Ass is. Yeah I know, I know. Freedom of speech right? But hey its a game of numbers. It always is. Again I'm not taking sides. I just just believe that you can't fight fire with fire. When your enemy steals from you you dont just steal your Item back. you do the right thing. You file a complaint. Cause if you don't it just proves one thing your enemy has outwitted you. And that's probably what's happening in malacaƱang right now. You dont take the fight out in the streets. You don't convince people to come and join your cause without feeding them information why.

Lets just see how all this turns out. "Nagmumukha nang telenovela ang pulitika dito sa atin." We all just have to wait and see.

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