Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another End of the World Movie

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When I saw "Nostradamus-the man who saw tomorrow" on tv when I was a child. It really gave me a hard time sleeping at night... I mean it. You know how I survived and outgrown it? Kept on reminding myself what I learned in catholic school that the end of the world will come unnoticed and no one can predict when and how the world is going to end. That no man alive can pinpoint the exact date of Armageddon. No matter how visible the signs are.

For all of you end-of-the-world-fanatics out there, here comes another film by the director of Independence day (aliens and will smith) and the day after tomorrow( Merging storms and Dennis Quaid). Roland Emmerich has now concocted a new recipe to destroy the world- 2012. Saw both films. Enjoyed Independence day more than the latter though. I think aliens are more entertaining than natural disasters.

Let's See what 2012 has to offer. I saw the trailer and just like the first two films, I saw a lot of graphic images that I think is not really good to be shown to kids without parental guidance. These types of movies could really mess up with what you believe in due to excellent research. There's a fine line that really separates the fact from the fiction. Cause that's what makes these movies sell right?

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  1. I just finished watchin this and Dang. It's like andun na eh. They could have at least given it a better ending plot.