Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Why Multi-Level Marketing Works

I was a skeptic once, a non-believer in the world of Multi-Level Marketing, on the back of my head it's just a scam. A convenient scheme on which people could make a big and quick buck. A world where lies and promises are abundant and only a select few profit.

I tried this several occasions before, Invested on some reputable company and tried my very best to be one of the big guys saying if they can do it why can't I? Right?
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Invitations are normal in this world. I remember once, a college friend texted me and asked me if I could come with him to a party since he practically grew up in manila and the party was being held in the south. He has no clue on how to get there. As a good Samaritan I accepted his invitation and only asked to bring me back before midnight since I have a ton of work to do. So off we went. I was surprised that on our way there, he never really asked for directions. Hmmm! When we arrived there are a lot of peole ofcourse and on the roof deck there it was. Food is everywhere! We grabbed a couple of beers and then 15 minutes after arriving, the host called our attention. Asked us to sit comfortably while he pulled a white board out. Having no idea about it and since I can't find my friend I sat patiently in front of the entire crowd. The host started talking, asking silly questions like what's your dream car? At what age do you think can you afford to buy your own house and a lot more! If I my memory serves me right, I think almost half of the questions were throwned at me. Hey at 5'8" in front of a crowd of 40 or 50. What do you expect? There I realized that that wasn't just a party.

The Night ended where the guy started showing us photo copies of his commission cheques. He even used a guy named Mark as an example. At the age of 23 he's already driving around town with his own Ford Expedition. He said a lot of thing and used a lot of peoples names who already made their millions through the company. In short it was a pretty impressive presentation. I said to myself that if I had ten grand that night, there's no question about it. I'll be part of the group. Good thing my friend kept his promise and we said adieu to the crowd and to the host. On our way back. I was still as rock, contemplating on the figures I carried with me. That night when we got back home and I'm back in front of my unfinished work which by the way is due the following morning and I'm no where near completing it. I felt that somehow I was scammed. Financially no! but I was invited to a party but ended up attending a seminar.

Now, looking back maybe that's one reason why they call it that. A scam. A very bad reputation for a very good business. Then there came the nick names... Pyramiding, Networking, Etc.

I knew a lot of people, friends, acquaintances who really did well in this industry. Maybe one particular trait that I see in them is that they're good with people and they never give up. Oh and one more thing, they all have nothing to lose. What I meant by that is that they all hit rock bottom at one point of their lives. But here they are right now. Driving around with their own set of wheels, living the life at what? 25? 30? Not bad right?

Here comes 3 truths:

1. It's not a crime to earn a little extra on the side right? Times like these, you'll probably need all the cent you can get. Who doesn't want financial freedom ?

2. We're all a little scared to make an a big move especially in making a big Investment because? Off course 10 grand is 10 grand right? Why risk it?
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3. In the Philippine setting, more than 10 years of education on training ourselves to be a great employee. But never a great boss. You do that on your own, along the way. Didn't you notice that there a lot of F*cked up bosses out there.
These are some of the basic truths that Multi-Level Marketing Companies are trying to Aid.

1. We're all struggling to get out of the rat race to get financial freedom. MLM companies gives you the opportunity to do just that. The freedom to earn more and the good part about this is that if you're employed you don't even have to quit your present job.

2. Taking the risk is the number one consideration. Guts and Getting Involved. It's not just the cash that we're talking about here. It's your commitment and dedication to the product and the company. Questions regarding the legality of the company and the product are always in question but as long as the company is registered with the SEC and the product is BFAD approved, what is there to doubt?

3. It doesn't matter if you're a Masters degree holder or a high school graduate. The company doesn't really give a d*mn if you were able to attend school or not. It doesn't matter what color your skin is. Black, white, brown, yellow, blue or red. Its all good. What matters is that you want number one and you have number two.
There are a lot of MLM companies out there. Both International and Locally owned and operated companies. It's really up to you to choose. No amount of persuation can convince you if you do not believe the product and the marketing plan.

Maybe some of your friends have already invited you to attend a business seminar but you're just to busy with worrying how to budget your next pay check or you're just not interested at all. What ever the reason is, don't think wrongly of that person. Don't misinterpret their intentions. One mentor once told me that in this industry, think first of the person whom you wish to help. Share to them your visions and the companys as well. Cause at the end of the day when all goes well between you two, the two of you are going to be working together towards your goal.
Ask me if this type of marketing plan really works. Hell yeah! If you are to ask me if it's worth it? another Hell yeah! Just got hooked up with a promising company with a very good product. I'm just on my 3rd week now and the traffic just keeps on coming. We're taking the country by storm.

And why am I telling you all these? At one point I just got tired of using my friends name as an example. Telling his success stories all the time. It's about time we make ours!

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