Saturday, June 20, 2009

Missing my sister already

My sister and my brother-in-law again left for Singapore the other day. Though she made it look like they're just going to her in-laws. I know it'll be a long wait before we could see her again. This is her 3rd time leaving but it's always like the first. The only difference is, this time they left behind a part of themselves, An angel! A cute and round one. "Kagwapong bata, bilog na bilog."
The night before the flight. I can feel that everybody's trying to act normal, avoiding long conversations. It was a very awkward dinner. Though the meal was great, you can hear unspoken words across the table. My entire family was there except one. To bad that Mackoy could not make it that night. We tried to cloud our thoughts with happy ones. Tried talking about the things we did during their stay, their plans and so on.

The night was really short. Everybody was up and ready around 6 am. I was planning to just sleep the morning off. But she just couldn't leave me alone. She had to make sure that i understood really well her "BILINS." So I was forced out of bed and there they were. My Family. Trying to keep it together while waiting for the cab to arrive. I just can't stand that kind of atmosphere. My sister insisted to go to the airport alone. Worrying that she might not leave at all. That's exactly the reason why I hate saying goodbyes.

She was the only OFW in my family, that's why we're not used to scenes like this. Now I know how it really feels. Cause every time I watch an OFW film, I can't relate cause I'm totally clueless. And I don't find any consolation on the thought that we're not the only family feeling this. That there are a lot of families just like us out there. It's just sad that while many of those fighting for power in the government are biting each others ears off just to be heard. These little people, the ones who we call the "Modern Day Heroes" are left with no voice, only armed with their passports, dreams and hope that one day they could finally return to the Philippines and enjoy the fruits of their labor, their sacrifices.
Now, again, we try to move on with our lives. Though it will never be the same again. Not for my sister who had made the hardest decision of leaving her son behind, not for my parents who've seen how miserable my sister was making that decision and especially not for my nephew who'll have to wait for her mother's next touch.

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