Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Letter

Found a letter in between the pages of a magazine the other day at a coffee house near the office. I just want to share it to you guys. I don't know if this letter has already reached its intended recipient. It's a long shot I know but what the hell.

The Letter reads:


How are you? It has been a while huh? Well, come to think about it, we have never really talked. As in talk talk. And that's one reason why I decided to write to you now.

Here it goes.

I remember you being the strictest father when we were growing up. I hated you and all your House Rules that I never really understood. At times I even envy my friends for their fathers and wishing that I was one of theirs.I know it was stupid but that's just how I felt back then. I also hated how you always favored our youngest over me even though it was his fault. Always saying "Pag bigyan mo na. Ikaw ang nakatatanda."

It's just now that I realize that the punishment you gave me was just and that all those rules have made me a better person. That I was still lucky that you don't beat me up all night just like those in the news.

There were a lot of things that I wish you've done but that's just me wishing. I know it was never easy to have a family that early. If there was a question that I would want to ask you it's how you did it? What was your secret? Cause God knows I'm trying so hard to be just like you. a father, a provider, and a caring partner.

We never really communicated well. I know it's my fault. You tried on your part. I remember the time when you first learned that you're about to be a grand dad. I thought you'll be angrier than mom. How you never objected to my supposed wedding, cause I know that you know that it's the right thing to do. Just remembering all those things makes me even prouder than ever. I know you're not perfect but to me, you're more than a father any son could ever ask for.

I know I have been your biggest disappointment yet. I'm really really sorry. I thought I could make you proud of me being independent and all but I was wrong, No one has given me the clearest perspective of life but you yet I failed to see all those. Every year I spent away from you are years that I know I could never ever give back. I'm sorry. You once said to me that the only time that I'd realize the things that you tirelessly teach me is when I have my own family and my own children to look after. Guess what? You were right.

I so much wanted to grow up and now that I am. I cant help but see the years that I wasted. If I can be given a second chance in life I know that that's where I want to be. Beside you!

But if there's one thing that you taught me that I will never ever forget. It's how family should always come first.

I have never thanked you for everything. I know I can never thank you enough but let me try... Dad, Thank you and I love you!

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