Friday, November 13, 2009

Livin' In My Dreams

They say it is during sleep that we get a taste of death but for me, it is where my life begins. I start a life without hunger, without hate, and without inhibitions. A perfect world as a may say. I have traveled not only to places but also in time. I have met people who I know by face and never got the courage to approach awake. I have shared moments with friends who I know are working overseas. Dined with family who I know I will never see again in this lifetime.
It's like I'm an actor in my own show. A star even. I already played a part of a super hero where I flew like Superman. A victim of a tragic accident. A ruler of my own kingdom. I have battled with phantoms, werewolves, vampires and zombies. This is also where a Genie granted my Three wishes. Just this Morning I was in prison attempting to escape.
But sadly, never have I witnessed the ending of all these. I have to die back to reality and realize it was all a dream. Sometimes I wake up crying because I wasn't able to say goodbye to a Loved one. Nervous because I knew the bullet hit me in the chest. Sometimes frustrated because the hot chick I came home with was almost naked in my bed. And most times I wake up with a smile on my face having no clue as to why.
Most of these dreams I can no longer remember, Others I sometimes mistake for the real thing and some I choose to keep to myself but just the same It's all just a dream. And just like in Death, all the fame and fortune can never cross to the other side.

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