Saturday, November 14, 2009

Inside a Mans Head ... Is a Woman

The Battle of the sexes has been going on since the beginning of time but what we fail to realize is that there really is no battle at all. Cause We, Men can live without you Girls as much as we hate to admit it and Vice Versa. This thing can really be difficult to swallow but we just have to deal.

Same sex marriage and same sex relationships does not fall under this category. I'm pretty sure that it's a gene thing. No offense.

One reason I see is that we Filipinos tend to jump on a relationship at a very early age for what ever reason. Without even realizing as to what we're getting into. All we have as weapon and shield are some tiny winy knowledge of Anatomy that we probably learned in Health Ed on the 5th grade and the only concrete image we have of the opposite sex is how we view our mother or father and the rest is come what may. Who can blame them? I mean LOVE at this stage is pure and unadulterated. Grown Ups call this puppy love. What ever that means.

We end up getting badly hurt, and stereotyping each other. That men are like this and women are like that.

So now that we're all grown ups here let's talk about men and women in general. Here are some points. Let's tart with women.

Women are like antique vases. Fragile and beautiful. You don't wanna talk too much if you're with them. It just turns them off. So If I were you let them do the talking instead. You should also be careful with the choice of words you use. Small words will do. Cause an inappropriate word could result in mood swings. Women are very prone to this. Well according to Mark Gungor, women think of a lot of things at any given time. And this trait gives them the upper hand on multi -tasking. Aren't they great? They can talk on the phone while cooking and watching over the kids while the dryer is running. I salute them for this. They can have a 9 to 5 job and still make it home to prepare dinner. Now going back. Women like numbers, dates and shopping. It's a constant. But let's not make it a big deal when we, men forget our monthsary. Especially if we've already celebrated our 1st year. It's pretty hard to keep up with all the dates if we'll also include our weeksary. But hey, Women just like to make every occasion special its not a problem with them if theres no occassion cause they could make one just as easy.

Now, us men on the other hand are less complicated than you women. You can leave us with the remote and we'll be fine. We're like puppies. Just make sure that there's food on the fridge. We enjoy every minute we spend with you girls. But we also enjoy the time we spend away from you especially if we're with the guys. And girls if you're wondering what we do when we're together, DON'T. Just let it be. Though we're not good as you women in multi tasking. We try. But if you want a job done right, don't give us more than what we can handle. Here's another thing that I learned from Mark Gungors videos. We men have a nothing box. We like to spend at least a few moments a day in this box (catatonic state). Since we can't do it a work, you probably catch us in this place at home. There's nothing wrong. We're not thinking of a beautiful lady either. It's just our way of destressing. Do nothing and think nothing.

In short, Men and Women compliment each other. Well up to this point im just stating the obvious. But yes we very much do.

Disclaimer: This is article is not written for either men or women but instead for the readers to have a deeper understanding of the opposite sex. Violent reactions are welcome.

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