Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mothers Gone Bad???

I've been a couch potato these past few days and I can’t help but notice several shows airing during prime time at a certain TV station that portrays mothers roles quite differently from how we Filipinos view them, well at least for me. I’m just wonderin’ what happened to the caring, loving and self sacrificing motherly image? Well I do not know how they view mothers from where they adopted those novellas (Korea/Mexico, two of which are originally ours) but here in the Philippines, our parents come right after God.

photos from google image bank

Ikaw sana: Maritoni Fernandez( Mother of Sophia)

Darna: Janice De Belen( Mother of Valentina)/Rita Avila( Mother of Narda)

Stairway to Heaven: Jean Garcia( Mother of Eunice and Tristan)

Rosalinda: Sheryl Cruz( Mother of Fernando Jose)

I noticed the similarities not only of the plot... You know, Where the "Bida" endures every bit of pain from every struggle and triumphs over them. But in these shows those struggles were engineered by the Mother of the Antagonist. Crazy right? No matter how good the plot is or how necessary the character is, I think it’s not worth sacrificing the way how Mothers should be portrayed. Not even if the one portraying the role is really wicked and fits well to be a bad mom. Even if there is a redeeming factor at the end.

Well you wouldn't know what I'm talking about until you see for yourself but believe me, Damn! You might not be able to do that because of your busy schedule but ask yourself this? What is my child watching right now with his/her yaya at home?

Hey, I love my Mom... You probably do to. That’s exactly why I’m sharing this thought with you guys and lets not forget that the family is the core of Filipino Values. Same is true with how we see each and every member of it.

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