Friday, November 20, 2009

Half Truths About Some Facebook Apps

You wanna know why some Facebook apps really click? It's not because you could interact with other players from the other side of the globe, not even of it's cute graphics.
I was really hesitant to try them at first cause I know I have a tendency to get really hooked but what could I say, I succumbed to its pleasures. Why not? Kids are doin it, adults are doin it even grandma and grandpa are addicted to it. I know a lot of friends who really made them their life. Farmtown at the office, Farmville during breaks, Yoville with friends and cafe world before sleep. Forget about the real world for a moment and chill in your farm or in your kitchen. I guess programmers has discovered what people really like. A virtual world wherein everybody has a claim to everything. A piece of land, a house, a dog even that you can call by any name. You get paid handsomely when you work with other peoples farms and you'll never have to go broke again. You can buy stuff, reorganize and redecorate everything with just a click of a button.

The games come with a natural high. We used to be merely content with black and white asteroids beaming at the screen, or how Mario would jump amazingly over a crazed turtle. Everyday it feels like coming home to a baby, clicking the computer on and waiting for your cafe to start cooking and your fishes to start growing up. In any sense possible, we are all guilty of such addiction, no matter how much we unconciously deny it. Who am I to judge anyone when I am part of this so-called computer interactive activity?

Sometimes you would ask why it does become an addiction. It's possible that a part of it is the anticipation of moving on to the next level and finding out what's available next for us to buy or upgrade thus feeding our sense of discontentment. We just have to find out what's on the next level. Sometimes we find ourselves living the life we long for secretly, why else would you post your achievements on your wall for everybody to see?

But ever wonder why such addiction cannot be consumed in real life? Why can we not bring our dedication outside the four walls of our houses or a semi-dark internet cafe? Wouldn't it be better to havest and plow your crops on a real farm? Or save for an awesome condo unit just like in Yoville?

It's okay to play and have fun, after all we need that escape once and awhile from our daily routine. But remember that a game is just a game, because the real scores of your life are based on what you do when you're not in front of your computer.

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