Monday, November 16, 2009

Women/We Men

They say men and women are created equal. That there's nothing a man can do that a woman can't. Except to pee on a cup standing up off course (physiological). But in a society that still reflects the olden ways, I say women still has a lot to prove. But believe it or not they're doing it. Take for example the 11th President of the Philippines is a woman. (The 14th doesn't count cause shes only half a woman) Joke Joke Joke! Kidding aside. My Boss is a woman too and she's already proven her worth on her craft. I mean they've already risen from the stigma that a womans place is at home, to watch over the kids, to do chores, etc.

Now, we see them busier than ever. I see odd jobs that only men typically do being done by a woman. Like driving a cab, or a tricycle even. Pretty impressive. Sometimes they even bring home more dough than us men. Which is a good thing in times like this.

Since we now all agree on the premise that women are no less than men. Then maybe it's time to consider some issues that really frustrate a lot of us men.


I just have to share this. Everyday I commute to work. Every time I ride the bus there's always a story to tell. It's like there's a whole sub culture going on in a bus. You see different types of passengers. Big, small, men, women, young and old. There's the office type, the college teen etc. Here's one of my favorite. Even though the bus is already jampacked(definitely you can see this from outside the bus). Passengers who're avoiding a memo for tardiness will definitely jump in. Ladies included. To hell with poise. I dunno but somehow I couldn't help but think, are they still counting on the men to offer them a sit? And luckily, this has never disappointed me yet. Yes, there are still those who 'd stand and offer their seats to women. But never have I seen a woman giving up her seat for an elderly man. But when a man doesn't give up his, it automatically means that chivalry is dead.

Fairy tales have played a big part in this somehow. You know, the ones our parents read to us as bed time stories. You know Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Rapunzel and Snow white. These stories always depict that princesses are supposed to be rescued by their prince charmings. Not considering that we, men sometimes need rescuing too.


One more thing, have you tried to catch a train (Lrt/Mrt) during rush hour? Lucky for the women they have the first cart to themselves. Imagine what it's like for us men to be stuck inside a moving box oozing with testosterone. The only female left to see are those with their boyfriends if not their husbands. But seriously, don't you think that this is a sign of weakness? That the longer you take advantage of this, the more you're proving just the opposite of what you've fought for. Why not inhibit and just let first box be exclusive for the children and the elderly (Men/women) instead? Like in a sinking ship. In the Movie "Titanic" for example. Row boats are for the women and children first. If I was on that boat together with my wife and kid I'd surely understand. But if I'm alone and my family's waiting for me at home and I don't know how to swim, I'd definitely want a seat on that raft. You see what I mean? We have lost a lot of good men on that tragic night. Men like Jack Dawson (Wink).


Wait, we're not done yet. Every year we celebrate National Womens Month, Once a week bars admit women for free or give them complimentary drinks because its ladies night. While the only time we(men) get to enjoy perks like these is when we reach age 65.

We have heard your cries of inequality and injustice, Now hear ours! Hehehe


  1. Yes..I agree that women are granted so many fringe benefits in this lifetime. Free drinks, our own space in the LRT/MRT, other free stuff that seem countless. It is just a sad thought though that the reason we women find it so hard to prove ourselves is because social morality deems us as weak. We may have our own hub in the train maybe because they think we are too clumsy to go about in the regular ride..or we are entitled to a ladies night merely because men are expected to pay the bill at all costs.
    I also find it silly how women still aboard a bus even if it's jampacked. But hey we also don't want to be late, and you'll be glad to know that there are also women who can bear standing up from Zapote to Buendia. Modern women think like modern women, unfortunately the older ones expect men 100% to give up their seats for them.
    Yes we fight for equal rights, but if you get to know a woman well, there is still a part of her who wants to be treated like princess, be the damsel in distress, despite her endless efforts to prove that she is more than just a female.
    By the way...we did lose Jack Dawson in Titanic, but even if Rose was asked to board the raft without Jack..she jumped off to be with him. She held onto his hand until he finally lose breath. Needless to say, yes we understand your need to be rescued too, you just have to find the right woman who will do it for you.

  2. Very well said. I stand corrected.