Saturday, May 30, 2009

Old Photographs

I recently acquired some old prescanned family photos. This one's From my father side. . From top left to right. Inang, Momsy, Amang, Tito Dhe, Father Dan, I'm guessing that's their youngest Tito Jun, Tito Ely and Last but definitely not the least, my father.

Pretty sure I could still find a lot of this things lying around the house. I just cant find the time to scan them all. We Used to keep photo albums in the house but found it hard to maintain. Especially now every thing's digital. But I'm sure back when this picture was taken, it's a whole different ball game.
Now here's a head shot of my Grandfather. Celso Coronel Sr. Never really knew him. Died a couple of years before I was born. I only knew him through my dad's stories. By them I knew that he's a good man. A good father to them and a beloved husband to my Lola.

This was actually the same picture I saw hanging from my tito's wall ( Tito Jun, youngest) when we visited their home onetime. Believe me, that was my very first memory that i ever saw my lolo's face from a picture. I was staring at it the whole time wondering what it would have been like to know and grow up with him.

Growing up, I always admired how my titos and tita from my father side bonded. A special occasion is never needed for us to get together. Man, they're tight! How they looked over each other and always got each others backs even after all these years. Must have been how they were raised by my Lolo and Lola. Kinda inspiring huh?

Going back. imagine how easily a person could be forgotten with just stories. But these photos really helped.

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