Thursday, May 28, 2009

CSI Junkie

I just finished season 6 of CSI Miami and just like the last episode of CSI Nevada where Warrick Brown was shot by the under sheriff, that episode just left me hanging. H was shot on the Tarmac of Miami International.
At first Horatio Caine was my least favorite CSI supervisor among Mac Taylor and Gil Grissom. It's not hard to guess who's my favorite. The reason? Well aside from being bossy he's always in a hurry with his phone calls and he poses a lot. He'd even pass for a male model. But during the course of the entire collection I realized that H's character was more human than the other two. He suffered great loses in his life that built his character. He lost a brother, a wife, a CSI, and he even suffered a very painful childhood.

Another thing that I come to like about Horatio Caine's Character was his emotional connection to children and women especially the victims. He sympathises with them and assures them every time that he will bring the criminal to justice. Most of the episodes you can even see him on the victims funeral. Unlike Gil who's always emotionally detached even to his CSI's. Grissoms life has always been a mystery while Mac Taylor has always been in between the two.

I became very interested with the series cause of the methodology the characters portray in solving crimes and most of them murder. Though I have yet to obsess with the show itself I think twists in the plots are most likely the key to the shows survival. Like murdering one CSI.

When Ryan Wolfe was temporarily relieved of his duties pending administrative investigation. I was really hoping that he'd turn his back on his team and be a bad guy for once. Possessing the know-how of forensics he could easily manipulate evidence. Though in reality its really a fine line that separates a good intention from a good motive.

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I Just finished season 9 of CSI Las Vegas and to my surprise after the team solved Warricks Murder, Grissom decided to leave and finally retire. So now Catherine is the new night shift supervisor, Joining them is Morpheus. (Laurence Fishburne) who was a College Professor with a Medical Degree. It was Grissom who invited Morpheus to join his team before he left. He was so funny during his first night in the field, Still confused of course of his tools and the procedure. Esp when he was dusting for print on a door knob.

While in CSI Miami Found out that Lt. Caine didn't die on the tarmac but was working with the Feds and Mr. Wolfe to cover up his own assasination so that he could go undercover. I just thought that it was a dumb thing to do, not letting his entire team know of his plans. Especially the tenured one like Eric and Caleigh. They figured it out eventually.

Sorry to ruin the story for you guys, I just have this feeling that everybody knows already except me. Hehehe

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