Thursday, May 28, 2009

Globe Promos and Concerns

I was watching Unang Hirit this morning, was busy with what I was doing then I heard about a news regading Senator Juan Ponce Enrile complaining about how his CellPhone Provider Debited ten Pesos from his Cellphone credit. According to the News, Sen. Enrile has reloaded 600 Pesos and for no reason at all his prepaid credits was debited just like that.
I'm a Solid Globe Telecoms Subscriber. I myself take advantage of the call and text promos and I have no complain about it. I usually load a 100 Peso call call card and with their promos that 100 Pesos could take me upto a week to consume through their promos, when regularly the load credit is valid for 15 days. So doing the math, If I register 15 Pesos a day, you expect that you're all set for 6 days plus you still have 10 Pesos to spare right? This is assuming that you only text your globe contacts. Which luckily for me is the case. One day, I noticed that in between my 6 day period my account balance suddenly became uneven. Not much of a difference though. a matter of 2 Pesos or three. At first I just neglected the issue cause its not a big deal. But it 's happenning on a regular basis now. Realizing that I may be just one, but imagine if all the subscribers are deducted a peso a day. Imagine How much it's gonna be. And believe me these telecoms provider bank on numbers with regards to subscribers.

What I did was I called Customer Service. Inquired about the real deal and they said that they'd check on it. After a brief conversation with the Supervisor Idecided to let the DTI know of such deficiency in the part of the Telecoms.

I checked my email but I could no longer share a copy of my complain letter but the bottomline is, I got a reply from the DTI people cc_ing me a copy of what my concern is that is forwarded to a manager at Globe. And Viola within 24 Hours I got a call from globe. I got a charge back and a lot of apology. They even thanked me for letting them know of that concern.

Good thing about Globe is that if an unauthorized debit was made in your account they can charge it back to you after an investigation. Not unlike it's competition. So I guess we all have no choice but to stick to what we have right?

Oh and one more thing that I noticed, Their promos expire first before you receive the notification message about the expiration. So busy people watch out! A peso a day maybe negligible amount but in a month that converts to 30 Pesos. Lets make these promos work for us not the other way around.
Now they have this promo EveryBodyTxt20. Get 200 txts to Globe/TM + 20 txts to other networks. The good thing about this is you can carry over your unused free text the following day just register again before promo expires.

Update: (06/06/09)

I've been using this promo for almost two weeks now. At first I thought this was the best deal ever by Globe but after a few days I realized the downside. Yeah you're able to accrue you unused prepaid credits on the condition that you register again before your Etxt expires. That's another 20 Pesos. With this you're forced to regularly and diligently reload earlier than the previous day. That's 20 Pesos a day just to keep accruing your credits. And Once you forget or overlook the time of registration. Say goodbye to your every accumulated free text.

This may work for people who text a lot. Just like my sister. I recommended this to her cause she still uses Unlitxt. She said 200 free text daily is not enough for her. Hmmm.

So my advice, make every peso count. Know what works for you. There are other Text promos by Globe other than this. Cause in the process you might thought you you're saving some but the truth is you're just spending more.

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