Thursday, May 28, 2009

Being a Tito and All

I was attending my best friends wedding when i received a call from my mother that my sister has already given birth to a baby boy. It felt different this time. Just like the first time I was told that Mitch was pregnant. It feels a lot different when you're on the receiving end. I was joking about it with Marga my youngest sister. It was never like when i was the one giving news about Kianna. Though it felt a lot better. For once we will have a new member in the family.

This is a First time for me. Though I'm excited I'm also nervous as hell. Just like my what i said on my Friendster shoutout, I'm really hoping to be a much better Tito to Gabo than i am a father to Kianna. Though experience wise I am one of Rance's Godfathers. But Race is my cousin. And looking back on how thing were between Rance and me hmmm. Nevermind. The worst memory i had was when i purposely shot rance with a n airsoft Pistol. I was young back then and i was pissed. Lets leave the details behind. But over all, aside from that incident I think I did good.

I received a text message earlier coming from Mitch. They've already booked a flight to Manila on the 7th of May. For the First time, I will be seeing her since she flew to Singapore last June. We communicated through text but you could barely count it cause of the terrible rate. We talked last Christmas but thats it. This time She'll be bringing with her the newest member of the family. Gabo. I can say that I'm excited. Guess this is how they felt when Kianna was born.

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