Thursday, January 7, 2010

What's in it for the Rooster this Year?

I was walking Vivo city the other day and I saw this posted on a wall post. It got me thinking. I've never been a fan of horoscopes and stuff, primarily because I was sent and raised in a catholic school. I can still remember that a nun told us that God curses those who read from the stars. Being a god-fearing school boy that I was. I stayed away from all that. But now that my views on these things have matured. That there's actually no harm on consulting with the stars. It gives us hope and something to look forward to for the coming year.

It's nothing like fortune telling at all. If we Filipinos believe in a lot of superstitons how different is astrology and Feng Sui of the Chinese? If the stars tell tell me that 2010 is my year to shine how will it stop me from shining for the years to come. Besides, it is me who walk the earth while the stars are millions of miles away. Let the stars be our guide like that on the bible.

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