Monday, January 4, 2010

Bukit Panjang, Sg

This has been our pitstop every night. Blk 203 in the small community of Bukit Panjang. A home to me for more than a week now and I'm still fascinated with this place and how well things work out with the people on this neighborhood. Located in the outskirts of the city but only a bus ride away. Giving you the feel of nature and at the same time the comfort of city living. All I can say is WOW!
I can't help but wonder if this is where the government got their ideas for housing development projects back home? I could see several similarities though it's obvious that they undoubtably couldn't replicate this one. Failing miserably each time they try.

Just like a coin there's always two sides to every story. This small quiet community has been haunted by two separate incidents that has placed it in the news the first week I got here. It started out as a rumor that a decapitated body of a girl has been found in the park just across our building. Which was confirmed later on in the news.
The second one was about a hit and run incident that happened a night after I got here. I still can see the appeal for witnesses sign on the way to the community market.

This incidents also validates a sign that I saw in one of their bus stops. It read "less crime doesn't mean no crime. "

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