Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sentosa, Sg

Your trip to the Lion City won't be complete with out you checkin out Sentosa Island. To me it actually looked like EK in an island setting. There are three main ways that I know of that you can get to Sentosa. You can ride a bus, a train or through cable car. Both the train and the bus will cost you $3 per head. Cheap enough huh? Once inside, trams will be your primary means of transport from one beach to another. There are also worth while activities that both kids and adults would love.

After a few hours on the beach, my skin already half burnt and I'm not even wet yet. We decided to hit it and move on to the next one. There were I think 3 beaches in Sentosa. I were just at our first and it's almost sunset. We walked the shoreline and stopping time to time to peak on what's inside each structure.

There's this sky ride and luge that my sister was very eager to ride but since it involves being lifted above the ground I passed. Riding the Flyer is more than enough for my entire stay here at Sg. Heights really scare me. It's like my Kryptonite. So after a few minutes she was able to persuade her hubby. It was the two of them who really experienced these rides first hand. According to them, they were clueless how they survived their ascend. But the fun part was the driving downhill part. If only there was another way up other than the sky ride, I'd surely give the luge a try. But until then, I'm just gonna stay right here where both my feet are safe, flat on the ground. These are just two featured rides here in Sentosa.

They let me watch "the song of the sea" alone cause they thought it was borin but I didn 't mind. It was a musical combined with a orchestrated display of laser light, water and pyrotechnic show. They were wrong. It was awesome! I can barely keep my mouth closed. I was like "wow" the whole time. Though the show only lasted for about 30 to 40 minutes, for me it was well worth the $10.

Our night ended with a quick stop to the Merlion Park. It was huge! Galantly waiting for every one who's arriving and leaving the island to see. It was late so all the shops around it was already out for the night. All the life was now diverted on the shores and on the other attractions around the island, so we just did what ever it is that we do best. Strike a pose.

Instead of taking the bus back to the city, we discovered that we could take the train. So we did. Back to Vivo city we went. In short, we went to the beach but wasn't able to swim. Nevertheless it was all worth the trip. I can't wait for the next time. I;m sure by that time comes there'll be a lot more attractions since Universal Studios is about to open within the year. Yebah!

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