Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Over Loading...

This is what it looks like everyday, People standing on the aisle and bus drivers shouting "pakiurong lang po sa gitna!!!" Crazy isn't it? So if you get stuck on the far end of the bus it will be next to imossible for you to get off as easily on your destination. The worst part is if you're seated near the aisle, you can't avoid the butts rubbing off of your shoulder. This is how we Filipinos do it. This is how we do it. Afraid of getting a memo for tardiness aye?

You can't really say that there isn't enough buses roaming around the metro cause the last I heard the LTFRB is still planning to down size buses travelling via EDSA upon the next registration period. Maybe it's the frequency especially during rush hours? I doubt if it's that. Hmmm.

One thing my father thought me was if you don't wanna be late you sleep early so that you'll wake up early the following morning. He says that's why accidents happen. Why? You drive fasterer than usual so you reach your office on time. And in between those remaining 20 to 30 mins that your hussling your way through the traffic, a lot of bad things happen.

The real question now is, is it really legal? We sometimes tend to over look these things cause this is how we are used to do it. I know. I Know. It's really not a big deal after all. It's not like you over loaded a ship that could sink the vessel down. But come to think of it, If you're standing half of your trip and you're not actually paying a centavo less than what those seated passengers paid. Is it really fair?

Yesterday I saw a motorkade going to the boulevard on my way to work. It was like an anniversary celebration of some sort by a religious group. It was a pretty sight though. After my day was done. I rode a bus home. Upon reaching the world trade center, A group came in. I was seated at the back. As they were hurddling their way in I was wondering where they'll go since there are only about half a dozen vacant seats left. Unfortunately those vacant seats are near mine. This group was mostly kids assisted by 3 or 4 adults. So I assumed they're family. Now the whole bus was jam packed. One of the male adults in the group shouted "O kandong kandong na lang." And just like that the children followed yet the seats aren't really enough. It was a funny sight really. It was like a circus. I remember I child swinging at the rail like a chimpanzee. When the conductor came It dawned me. Two people seated in one chair is only counted as one just like in the jeep but, if you're standing you're automatically counted right? I was beat so I didn't mind how they came up with the fare.

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