Friday, July 24, 2009

No Badge Allowed

I was riding the bus to the office the other day. I noticed a uniformed police officer, a traffic cop, hitched a ride. And when I say hitched, I mean hitched (Free). Complete with uniform, gun, radio and some grocery stuff. ( Mineral water and a brand of gin). I always wondered about the sign posted on every Tas Trans and Bensan Bus, (Lawton-Las PiƱas Route) was all about? The sign that says "No Badge Allowed". He was Drunk as hell. Dropping his things from time to time. And it doesn't even bother him that there are people seeing this.

On the same day on my way to Alabang via Edsa, I took an ordinary fare just to get to my appointment in time. I seated at the back of the bus where two others are seated. One middle aged lady who looks like an Avon lady and another man who looks like he just lost in a cock fight. I noticed that when the conductor was collecting the fare the man from the derby arena just flashed him his PNP id, and just like that it was a free ride for him. He slipped half of his id from his wallet just enough to see the PNP logo but not enough to see his face. Great huh?

I just thought that sometimes students don't even avail of this privilege especially if they're not in their uniforms or if it's Sunday. Not to mention the senior citizens.

Lucky Bastards!

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