Friday, July 10, 2009

Big Red Barn Celebration

This is the venue of Raphaels 7th Birthday Celebration. Located at Westgate Alabang behind Go Nuts Donuts. You cant miss it believe me. It's Like a big red barn off course. The place is huge.,But every inch of the place has been utilized, so when you get into the inside you'll notice that it's kinda cramp. Fully air conditioned. I can safely say that it's safe cause the staff is everywhere. They also have cctv cameras. The first thing I noticed was how the doorman offers first time guests hand sanitizer. Secondly the 3 storey play area. It was my first time there so I cant help but notice these things. I wish there was a place like this when I was Raphaels age.
Party started On-time. Kids were already restless in excitement. They probably can't wait to get on the play area. I'd probably feel the same way if I was 9. Food was ok. The best part for me was when the mascots came down from the upper floor. I just can't stop myself, I need to have my picture taken with them. I guess I never really outgrown my fascination with mascots . After their performance ( a dance number) the other one not included in the pic below was in a hurry to go up. Probably tired from the weight of the suit.
Justify FullWhen the program was over. They were given wrist bands so that they can already play. And off they went. Like hungry little bugs swarming over supper. It was a good sight though for the parents and especially for the hosts. This is the point of it all. Kids having fun. No matter what the cost.
I'm pretty sure the birthday boy had loads of fun along with his guest, both the kids and their parents.

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