Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy that it's over

"It's like college all over again."

I was supposed to take this exam Eriday the tenth but stubborn as I am, I decided to postpone it till yesterday. So as Early as 7AM I'm already walking on Ayala. Rode the bus to Paseo de Roxas from Buendia. I was suppose to get off at Crispa but since I have almost an hour to burn might as well take my time. When the bus passed Ayala FGU Center, the venue of my exam, I can already see people browsing through their reviewers. Typical. Ayala was clean, maybe because it's a Saturday. And it's still early. Call time by the way was 8AM.
On the 26th Floor, everything was in order before the exam. But after? It's a totally different story. The entire lobby of the floor was like the trading floor of the Stock Exchange. It's like every one has something to say. Maybe they're just trying to relieve the tension. For me I just stood there and waited along with some of my batch mates.
Finally, the result was out! Not for every one though. Results were released five or six at a time. Good thing for me I was able to meet the passing grade. No need to worry about retaking the exam. Let's just say some how I came prepared. hehehe. Though I was kinda expecting my score to be a little higher than what I got. But, 90% will do.

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