Monday, March 8, 2010

Vanity Sim Cards for Sale

I was browsing through a classified ad site earlier. You know where they buy and sell and trade cellular phones. Well most of them 2nd hands off course. Then I saw an ad that read " Vanity number sim cards." For those of you who are not familiar with the term. Before, it's more or less like a commemorative plate for your car. But now, it's just a continuous set of identical numbers on a set and the price of these sim card varies with the number of similar digits on the given set. Just to give you an idea.

09**84444444 this number set will cost you ten grand. Can you believe that?! Oh. and this one 09**8888880 for twelve grand. This is not a very uncommon practice though. Some people believe in numerology so much that I can literally say that they live their entire lives by the number. The Chinese for example believe that 8 is a lucky number so if your cell phone number is filled with 8, the luckier you could be. That I get but dang! I know that we Filipinos love to show off. Show off our new clothes, shoes, gears and even our least valuable possessions but even this is just to much for showing off. I know, that's probably why its called vanity sim cards on the first place.

I just don't get it. I say that's the reason why phone books are created on the first place right? So you don't have to memorize other peoples phone numbers. Duh?!


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  2. You are clearly uninformed. Globe, smart and Sun charges 25 grand for a six digit number similar to what you've posted above. Duh?

  3. What if i have a twin sim card which is two simcards with same number? Something like clone simcards? Two identical simcards can i sell this?