Monday, March 15, 2010

My Week End

I've had a fun filled weekend with Family. It actually started two days prior the weekend with a simple dinner with my two siblings but the actual fun just started last Friday when we all attended my brothers wedding. Not only did it end the way it was suppose to but it ended with my daughter Kianna Gabrielle spending two full nights with us, with me. Imagine two whole days with my little girl. No father in my position could ever ask for more...

But the problem about all these is that time doesn't really stand still during these precious moments. No matter how much we pray for it. We all have to deal with the reality that it will end eventually. The sad part is that the crash is as equally painful as the high. In any case, its nice to hear someone calling you papa every once in a while. Makes me realize how strong and motivated I should be for her.

I guess this is exactly the whole point of my brother marrying. So that he'll have no reason to experience all these. All the sleepless nights, all the longing and pain. I applaud him for that. In a time when Marriage is no longer the only solution for early pregnancies. He stood up to what he believed in no matter what the cost. Best Wishes to you Mackoy and Mia. Cheers to a 100 years or more of love and love making. To you Mia, Welcome to the family...

And lastly, I'd like to share to you a photo of me and my siblings. A photo from the wedding. An event in which all of us was happy. Happy not because of a promotion, or a raise, nor because of anything else but because of one thing. FAMILY!

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