Saturday, June 26, 2010

A True Story... (Warning: This Article Contains Explicit Language)

"Bag ko!" This was what woke me up while I dozed off in a jeepney today. That voice came from a woman in her early 50's who was sitting right in front of me.

Immediately looking for the source of the commotion, I saw a man running towards a motorcycle parked on the opposite side of a four lane traffic of Las Pinas City. MO: Riding in tandem. Snatching in broad daylight. Ah, something that is not new to us Filipinos. In fact a very convenient source of income for these FUCKERS! (pardon my french) A more lighter crime than the one I saw in the news the other day regarding the murder and robbery of a seaman.

This scenario is a lot different in real life than just hearing or watching it on the news. The fact that you were there, inches away and you were'nt able to do anything to help made a lot of difference. The sad part is that basing it from what happened, I'm pretty sure that this incident will never reach the statistics. In short, it will just be another unreported crime.

As the jeepney pulled off, it was evident that the poor woman was still in shock. She continuously utters words like, "mga papeles ko", "yung bag ko." After a kilometer or two, everything started to make sense. She was on her way to a mall in the area because her boss requested for her to be there. She was from Quezon city and was only here in Las Pinas because of a fieldtrip. Two cellphones, cash amounting to about 5 thousand pesos and all her important documents were lost in that bag.

Five thousand pesos? A big amount for the victim but not big enough to keep these assholes off the streets for a long time. Grissom of C.S.I. always say that man is a creature of habit. So it's expected that this incident will happen again and again unless the Fuckers are either caught or killed.

This will never end I guess, not in this lifetime. Just go out and you will see children countless children, soiled and starved roaming their jungle trying to survive. A professor once told us in class that every time a child asks him for food or change. He gives him whatever he has on him at the same time saying to the kid... "Remember me when you grow up." Got it?

At the rate we are going, these children, at the age of 5-8 are already being trained to be the next generation of muggers, robbers, and rapists set to claim their place on the streets of our country.

Pathetic isn't it? That while most of us are clueless that these things are happening, some of us are sitting in the front row and enjoying the view from just inches away.

I say fuck the fuckers and shoot them on site! Imagine, doing it in broad daylight? It literally is like taking the candy from the baby? Why waste good money defending these fuckers in court anyways? Why worry about their rights when it's nothing but casual to them violating the rights of other people. An eye for an eye if that's what it take to make sure that our children and loved ones are safe.

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  1. BTW All these happened infront of the church inbetween southland and casimiro.