Sunday, October 24, 2010

Christmas Season Beware!

I just want share to you my girlfriend's experience. She got mugged riding a jeepney to work along the stretch of Buendia, between Harrison and Leveriza. This took place Thursday(21 Oct.) evening around 6:30 PM.

The Modus:

One guy boards the jeep first and after a couple of meters the three others followed. There were Three of them on the vehicle that night, all girls. The four culprits situated themselves in a very organized way. Then it happened. One man casually said " Kung ayaw n'young masaktan ilabas lang nyo yung mga cellphone nyo." Just like that. The suspects left with an Apple Iphone 3gs, a Samsing Galaxy and a Nokia 2730c.

According to her one man was pointing a knife on her side and the other on her face when she hesitated on letting go of her phone. Sabay sabing "pag di mo binigay, papatayin kita"! so she let go.

We all know what they said that you're never really a PINOY if you don't have a personal experience to share about this kind of things and It's a sad thought that this happens everyday. No matter how carefully you live your life with all the precautions. Majority of these crimes are not even logged on record for what ever reason.

It's not the object lost but the trauma that remains with the victims afterwards that really bears the impact. Some of them are forced to change their way of life. Some are enveloped with fear.

Chistmas is just two months away and you know what they say, it's during this time of year that majority of these crimes peak the charts. It's also this time of year when we become cash cows to these people.

Anyhow, back to the story. The jeepney driver was either clueless of whats happening at the back or he's in on it. She told me that the the only thing the driver said was "Bakit hindi kayo sumigaw?" Duh!? He didn't even bother to offer any assistance whether to escort them to the nearest police station or what not. Talk about civic duty huh?

I think the problem we have here is way bigger than the issue of Jueteng. Hindi lang nabibigyan ng pansin dahil wala naman silang mapapala dahil walang pera dito unlike in Jueteng. So the rest of the Filipino just has to live with it. Bakit hindi isulong ang mas mabigat na kaparusahan sa mga mapapatunayan nagkasala kesa kung anu-anong batas ang kanilang ipinipila. Yung ngang mabibigat na bags ng ating mga magaaral ay may nakapilang batas sa senado eh bakit hindi ito?

If such thing will happen to you? Ano ang una mong gagawin? Or makakita ka nang ganito while you're on your way home? Same question. Ano ang gagawin mo?


  1. Nakakatakot naman yun! Hope she's not experiencing post-trauma :|

    kung saken nangyari yun, bibigay ko nalang din.. mapapalitan ang gamit, buhay hindi.

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts guys...
    Napaka alarming lang... Yup that is the way to go... ang material possessions napapalitan ang buhay nag-iisa lang...

    So stay safe... and enjoy your Christmas!