Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Vote…

Since the Election is just a little over a month away, I can safely say that this will be the last entry that I will write about it.

The way I see it, this is the most star studded election if not the most controversial ever with regard to the number and popularity of the candidates. An Ex-President, an Ex-President’s son, a filthy rich businessman, a religious leader, 2 senators, a lawyer, an environmentalist, and a very inexperienced councilman. Whew!! I hope I didn’t miss anyone out.

According to the Philippine law, the qualifications for the presidency are the following:

First and foremost, he/she must be a Filipino citizen (off course), by birth, A registered voter, A resident of the Philippines for at least 10 years immediately preceding the election, Able to read and write, and at least 40 years of age. That’s It. So anyone of these candidates will be the next El Presidente of the Philippines.

A lot of forums, interviews, and documentaries aired and are still airing on our local channels about the lives, platforms, etc. of the said candidates to help keep us in the loop. Because at the end of the day, (In theory) it is us who will make things happen through our votes. So the next question now is, how do we want to see our country for the next 6 years? Do we want it to be like the Marcos’ regime? How about the Aquino administration? The Philippines 2000 of the Ramos administration? Or have we not had enough of the Estrada Administration? Lastly, the current administration of GMA? Cause I think answering this simple question will surely be a big step towards our decision making on May 10.

Let’s do this like what we usually do on a multiple choice exam, by using the process of elimination. Cause if you’ll ask me. I definitely don’t want it to be like what we had during the last 9 years. Nine (9) full years of scandals, controversies, deception, and lies. So if we’ll base my vote on this premise. I definitely will not vote for a candidate who’s a liar, who’s corrupt, who’s power and wealth driven and is still lusting for more. Who do you think are the candidates I can scratch of my list? So that’ll be the Ex-president, the filthy rich businessman. So I was able to eliminate at least two. Let’s move on.

One thing that I hate so much about how we do Politics here in the country is the Idea of Political Dynasty. Because I believe that the longer you stay in power, the more prone you are to committing all things illegal, immoral, you name it. In short, “Lalamunin ka ng buong buo nang sistema”. No matter how good your intentions were before you get elected. So if you will let a family member to run just because you have served your last term, it’s just plain greedy.

One concrete example of this is, let’s say you’ve been serving a certain city for over 20 years now and you say that through you there was development, there was growth. That’s a load of crap! There better be growth or else what have you been doing everyday at city hall for the last 20 years right? So don’t slap us with that bull that you have turned your city into a class A city. So again with this qualification, I’ll scratch of the Ex-President, the filthy rich businessman, the religious leader, and one of the two senators.

So let’s check. Who do we have on the list that has no point against him/her? So we have the ex-president’s son, the female senator, the environmentalist, the lawyer and the councilman. Since I was able to trim down my choices to almost half, I’ll go manual from here on out thru the pros and cons.

I’ll start with the Son of the Former President. Well, He was really silent and it took him so long to decide to run. I mean if you really have it in you, you can give an answer as fast as the snap of a finger. Plus, the untimely demise of her mother also gave it a lot of weight since the Filipino people has an affinity for his parents. I mean I may not have the full facts but what has her mother done during her time as president? CARP? I can still remember that it was during those times that all the children including me in our neighborhood was outside the house playing at the dark because of the power outages. To me her mother was nothing but the face of the revolution. It was not her who organized the Edsa Revolution. So Kuya, Ok ka but I’m afraid to see your sister behind the wheel, driving, once you get to Malacañang. Me ganon?!

The Environmentalist, well I like his advocacy of a much greener Philippines but for me global warming is just a piece of the puzzle and that the bigger chunk is what’s really important. It’s just like sending a nurse to do a Major surgery, a doctor’s job. I’m sorry Mr. clean and green, it’s just not enough. So that’s a no.

I really don’t have anything to say about the good senator but I think she’ll do a lot more if she’ll just stay where she is at right now. She’s lucky enough to be there on the first place.

So that leaves me with just two names to really choose from this coming election. That’ll be the good lawyer/pilot and the inexperienced councilman. Hmmm think, think, think. Well generally speaking if I’ll choose experience over reform. I’d go for the BAR topnotcher. But, if I’ m a desperate fool who’s really dying to see changes done in our country. I’d go for the cartoon quoting councilor.

I guess that’ll be for me to know and for all of us to find out. I will be maximizing the last few days to think about it. You know what they say; after all it’s not all about choosing the popular nor the highly qualified one (we have proven that 9 years ago) but the lesser evil.

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  1. Mag-Gibo ka na lang. He's very much worth it!