Friday, August 7, 2009

Just Another Day Commuting...

You might wonder what this scene is all about. Well, its one taken from within an air-conditioned bus while I was on my way home from work at the coastal road toll gate. It's funny how riding the bus everyday gives you the idea that there's a whole culture in it like riding the jeepney. As you can see from my previous post I've already shared a couple.

Last night was a new one for me. I have this very bad habit of not going along with the wave. I'd rather sit it out until everybody's already gone even if it meant going home late. I just can't stand standing. Knowing that you'll probably be standing the entire stretch of the coastal road. No way. Traffic in this area doesn't spare even those who travel late.
The bus that I was in( half full and all) upon reaching coastal mall took a right turn to Macapagal Blvd. We stayed there for quite a while. Until a fellow passenger shouted. "Pang-apat na green light na yan. Mahiya naman kayo!" Which was true. Passengers were all aggitated and exhausted and just can't wait to get home. The"konduktor" was still outside barking for more passengers.

You might think that this only happens at night cause buses are already on their last trips and can do this since the rush is already over around 8pm. Well, think again.

I had this very same experience but it happened in the morning. I still can remember, I was on my way to Makati and I took the shortest route ( Alabang - Makati via SLEX - Skyway). Upon jumping off the Jeep infront of Starmall I immediately got on the first bus I saw. Even if it was an ordinary one. I figured hey the sun isn't up yet and it's via skyway anyways so might as well enjoy the morning breeze. Upon choosing the most comfortable seat. I noticed that the "konduktor" immediately got in and asked for my fare along with a couple of other new passengers. Afterwards he jumped off again and again started barking. Hmm. Normally the "Konductor will only collect fare once the bus is already in motion. I thought I just made a big mistake, and I was right. I could already see the sun shining from the horizon but still we've only moved inches from the original position. A great modus by the bus operator. Once you've already paid your fare you're stuck with them. Some passengers were able to get off. Lucky for them. But the rest of us were there for like atleast 30 to 40 mins. Off course there was a commotion to the point that the passengers who already paid are discouraging new ones to get on the bus saying. "Di pa aalis to!" "Kanina pa kami dito!" It was a funny scene really, but I admit that even I got a little irritated.

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