Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ondoy Leaves His Mark

Here's a very Interesting Photo shared by my Model-Friend who owns a Condo in Makati, in his Facebook account. I didn't realize how serious this all was till I saw this. Not only this one but the hundreds of disturbing amateur photos posted there. There's even one showing the underpass in Makati filled with flood water.
Actress, Cristine Reyes plead for help as flood waters rise to critical levels in their home at Provident Village forcing her and her family up onto their roof.

I first heard of this news watching Startalk being hosted by Butch Francisco. At First, It thought it was funny but when the evening news came and they're still up at their roof, I couldn't help but ask why?

Where's the rescue? Given that the Philippines isn't really prepared for scenarios like this one but hey, we're in the Metro. This is where all the governments resources are centered/located. Last I heard, the government provides a huge contingency fund but how about a contingency plan?

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  1. Just goes to show the extent of readiness or more appropriately, "ureadiness" of the authorities. They're ready for May 2010, that's what we're sure of.